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Wide-Ranging Medical Accessories & Medical Components, including Catheters

Find a variety of medical accessories and components from Lifemed of California, based in Chino, California. We design, manufacture, and distribute an extensive selection of items, including medical catheters and dialysis parts, to hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers throughout the US and Canada. All of our products are designed and manufactured to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Components for Tubing Sets:

Specific Sizes Available
Injection, Molded Connectors for Ts, Luer
   Fittings, & Male/Female Caps for Luer Fittings
Made for Manufacturers of Tubing Sets
$100.00 Minimum Purchase Required

Sub-Assembly for Tubing Sets:

Pre-Built Standard & Custom Sizes Available
Made for Manufacturers of Tubing Sets

Drip Chamber Assemblies Available to
   Place in Tubing Lines
Stethoscope - Medical Accessories

Custom Manufacturing:

Submit to the FDA upon Completion
Made for Medical Use Only
Engineer & Develop a Tubing Set or Device According to Customer Specifications
Manufacture, Package, & Sterilize (If Necessary) upon FDA Approval

Dialysis Accessories:

Sterile & Non-Sterile Types Available

Made for Hospital & Clinic Use

Peritoneal Catheters for Dialysis:

FDA Approved

Made for Hospital Use

Contact us to stock up on essential medical accessories and components for your hospital or clinic.